Is our help becoming unwanted?

Humanitarian aid is provided to developing countries in crisis and thus in need. However, there has been a tendency of these developing countries to decline this aid. Why is this and what does this hold for the future of humanitarian aid?

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Syrië: nieuwe Koude Oorlog?

De burgeroorlog in Syrië is in de loop der jaren uitgegroeid tot een internationaal conflict. De Verenigde Staten en Rusland staan in dit conflict lijnrecht tegenover elkaar. Dreigt een nieuwe Koude Oorlog?

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South Korean university to partner weapon manufacturer

A South Korean university has announced a partnership with the country's largest weapon manufacturer, Hanwha Systems. Many scientists across the world signed a boycott as response to the collaboration. Do similar deals have consequences for ethical agreements or academic freedom?

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“Houd maar rekening met ons”

De Russische verkiezingen hebben Vladimir Poetin steviger in het zadel geholpen. Wat maakt deze president zo populair onder Russen? Wierd Duk gaf kort voor de verkiezingen een interessante uitleg over de Russische visie op internationale politiek en wat Poetin populair maakt.

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Catalan independence: the story continues

A lot has happened in Spain since the last article we posted about the situation regarding Catalan independence. New questions can be asked: why is Catalonia important to Spain? And how do Catalans themselves view the separatist movement?

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Let’s start the big European campaign!

The European Union is going to appoint new chairmen in 2018 and 2019. What is the importance for a small country such as the Netherlands? And how are candidates seeking support for those big positions in Brussels? Let's have a look at former appointments and the rumours about Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte!

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