Let’s start the big European campaign!

The European Union is going to appoint new chairmen in 2018 and 2019. What is the importance for a small country such as the Netherlands? And how are candidates seeking support for those big positions in Brussels? Let's have a look at former appointments and the rumours about Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte!

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Democracy in a divided nation

It was all over the news when thousands of Catalans were protesting in the streets of Barcelona on the day of the referendum about Catalonia's independence. Now, the votes have been counted and independence has been declared. The question remains however, will there ever be Catalan independence at all?

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Julio Poch: gevangen tussen rechtssystemen


Julio Poch is onderweg naar Nederland vanuit Argentinië, waar hij, na acht jaar in voorarrest te hebben gezeten, is vrijgesproken. Poch werd verdacht van misdaden tijdens de dictatuur van Jorge Videla in Argentinië. Met zijn vrijspraak lijkt er een einde te zijn gekomen aan zijn langdurige proces. Echter, het einde is nog niet in zicht...

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How globalisation made a joke out of American democracy

The most controversial American elections in 2016 just became even more controversial when Facebook announced the involvement of a substantial Russian company. What significance does this event hold in our globalizing world and how can it be prevented? 

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