For Political Science Students

First Years Weekend

Dear future Political science, IBO- or IRO student,

We are glad to hear you have applied to Leiden University! Apart from studying, you will have the opportunity to do much more during your time as a student. The SPIL (Study Association for Political Scientists in Leiden) could be one way of giving your student life the extra boost it needs. The SPIL organizes formal as well as informal activities throughout the year, such as drinks, readings, and trips. And you have the opportunity to be at the first SPIL event of the year: the First Years Weekend (EJW)!

The EJW takes place from 9-11 of August in Delft, a town near The Hague. This weekend is specifically organized for you and all your fellow future political science students. You will meet your fellow first years from the studies Political Science, Internationale Betrekkingen en Organizaties (IBO) and International Relations and Organisations (IRO). In this way, you can already get to know people from your study before the academic year has even taken off.

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Excursion American Embassy

On May 30th the SPIL will visit the new American Embassy in Wassenaar. We will discuss foreign U.S. Policy in the Netherlands and also shine some light on the recent developments in world politics. Political-Military Officer Kenneth Garner will receive us and maybe even Embassador Hoekstra will have a few minutes to spare...The excursion will start at 14:00 in the afternoon and will take about an hour and a half.  You can register here

SPIL-trip Efteling

The exams of the fourth block are almost done and this has to be celebrated in a special way. The first day after the exams the SPIL will go to the Efteling, a famous fantasy themed amusement park in Kaatsheuvel. You will have the opportunity to spend your day in this magical park for only 15 euros (in stead of the regular price of 40 euros). We will travel to Kaatsheuvel by public transport and Non-Dutch students without a free train pass will recieve a discount on their train ticket by the SPIL. Register here

Excursion Amnesty International

On the 8th of May, the SPIL organizes a visit to the headquarters of Amnesty International in The Netherlands. During this visit, you will learn all about the human rights activities of one of the most important NGOs, while discussing a particular case study. On top of that, an exclusive interview will take place with Eduard Nazarski, the director of Amnesty International in The Netherlands. Register here

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