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A study association is about committees, including the SPIL. The SPIL offers its members the opportunity to gain experience within the committees in addition to daily study (a plus on your CV!). It gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you learn in the study, gain other skills and get social contacts.

There is not only room for organizing activities, or gaining experience with writing, but it is also widening yourself internationally. To read more about the committees, you can click here.

Here you can read all the information about the committees! 
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The SPIL is the student association for students of political science and for students of Political Science -International Relations and Organizations (IRO). With over a thousand members the SPIL is one of the biggest student associations in Leiden and The Hague. Since the SPIL’s founding in 1981 it has organized both social events and academic activities. The SPIL is also a platform from where students can improve upon their professional capabilities by joining different committees. As a member of the SPIL you can profit from these opportunities and you’ll get a discount on your study books – all this for only a contribution of 16 euros a year.

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