For Political Science Students

Parentday The Hague

Show your parents your studies, the faculty Wijnhaven and your student life in the Hague.

This is possible during the Parent Day of the SPIL on Saturday the 21st of April. On this day you have the possibility to let your parents take a look at the life you have in The Hague. The day will start at 11 in the morning. We will start with a guest lecture and your parents will get a short introduction about the SPIL. We will have a lunch and show your parents around the beautiful city and the faculty. Register here

Lecture boat

It’s time for thé Education activity everyone has been waiting for: The Lectureboat. Leiden is beautiful, but it is even more beautiful viewed from the water. And a lecture in the sun, who doesn’t want that? After the exams we are all in the same boat; tired from long days in the library and wanting to relax.

So, step aboard our lectureboat on the 3th of April at 15:30. There will be free food and drinks on board! Meanwhile, you can listen to a very interesting lecture!

An amazing way to get to explore Leiden. Don’t miss the boat and register here

AllYearsWeekend Groningen

Register now for the AllYearsWeekend Groningen 2018!
Price: 59 euro. 
- transport to & from Groningen
- accomodation
- a creative workshop at the Graphic Museum
- climbing the Martini tower
- games in the city & lots of fun! 
Register here

Register for the Long Trip!


You can finally register for the Long Trip! Do you want to have the best week of your life with fellow SPIL-members in Buenos Aires, write your letter now!
We will be visiting and studying Argentinian politics with 40 students from Wednesday 27th of June until Wednesday 11th of July. We will be visiting all kinds of organisations such as ministries, political parties, newspapers and study associations.
This trip is, next to the formal activities during the day, the ultimate chance for you to meet other students and make new friends! The combination of politics and gezelligheid is a combination that will certainly lead to ‘golden times’! The trip will cost €700 (as a maximum), transport, residence and amazing meetings included.

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