Commissioner IRO

Martzen Groenveld

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As many of you know, form this your on a new bachelor specification will be a part of the political science institute; international relations and orgnisations (IRO). For the SPIL this means the beginning of a big adventure. My name is Martzen Groenveld and I have been given the honour to fulfill the position of IRO commissionar. This means among other things that it will be my job to welcome all the international students within our association. Besides that, I am prepared to discover The Hague as a student city together with my great IRO committee. To my great joy I have also been given the position of Commissionar of Facilities. A job in which I can let free all my enthousiasm about parties and social events. The committee Facilities is again a committee with 7 wonderfull members who are very ready to maintain an exciting atmosphere at the activities.

Since studying political science the SPIL has opened many doors for me. Originally I come from the north of the Netherlands and since starting my studies I've been living in Leiden. In my first year I was a part of the committee of facilities. A committee in which I had the pleasure to make good friends and get to know the SPIL in the best way possible. As well as being a part of a committee, I had the fantastic opportunity to join the SPIL on the trips to Prague and Seoul. This made my enthusiasm about the SPIL stronger and the special position in the board followed. 

The new bachelor specialization IRO in the Hague means a lot of new opportunities but also challenges for the SPIL. Together with the other members of the board I will try my best to make it a succes. I hope every member (international and Dutch) will get to know the SPIL as an association where everyones welcome and will make as many special memories as I have. 

Chairman and commissioner Acquisition

Thijn van der Kooi
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My name is Thijn van der Kooi. I am a third year student of the studies International Relations and Organizations (IBO). This year I am the President and commissioner Acquisition of SPIL. Although it says in my passport that I was born in Eindhoven, I am a proud ‘Haarlemmer’. Haarlem is, and always will be, home to me. It is good that Leiden is very similar to Haarlem. Ever since the first year of my studies, I have been a proud citizen of Leiden.

During my first year in Leiden, I was a member of rowing association ‘Njord’ first and a SPIL member second. This, however, changed when I participated in the All Years’ Weekend: my SPIL fire had been lit. During my second year here, I was part of the Acquisition committee and filled the position of Secretary at the All Years’ Weekend committee.
As President of SPIL, my job is to lead the board, maintain oversight, and make sure the board’s general policy goals are met. Moreover, I am tasked with maintaining the external relations of SPIL. In order to do this, I regularly meet with the Study Association Consultations Platform (StOP), the Associations’ Meeting (VerO) at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the national Platform for Political Science Students (PvP). Being the Acquisiton commissioner, it is my job to work together with companies from Leiden and The Hague as to conclude a mutually beneficial contract between them and SPIL. Furthermore, I work to make sure that the streets and lecture halls in Leiden and The Hague will be overflowed with the yellow colour of the SPIL merchandise.

Secretary and commissioner IAPSS

Mindy de Jong

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My name is Mindy de Jong, I’m third-year student Political Science and this year I will be the Secretary and IAPSS Commissioner of the most beautiful student association in Leiden. About a year ago, I moved from Montfoort to the beautiful city of Leiden.From the moment I got introduced with the SPIL, I immediately knew I wanted to become an active member and get involved with the association. In the past two years I have been a member of the committee of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs and the Introduction Weekend committee. In addition to my function as a board member of the SPIL, I play tennis at Qravel and I work at my mother store in the weekends.As a secretary, I am responsible for the newsletters, ensuring that the General Assemblies are effectively organized and I am responsible for the administration of all SPIL members and the communication with the SPIL. In addition, as Commissioner IAPSS, I will run the committee that organizes the trip to the World Congress of IAPSS.  

Treasurer and Promotion

Treasurer & commissioner Promotion
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My name is Laila Bennami, I’m a third year Political Science: International Relations and Organization student and I will be the treasurer and the commissioner Promotion this year. I'm originally from Morocco, but I study in Leiden. I enjoy dancing, food and experiencing new things. That’s why I moved to Leiden two years ago to study , a decision I certainly don’t regret.  IRO is a very interesting study in which all the subjects surrounding international politics get discussed. Also the history of this city and all the students make Leiden an unique place. During my time as a student I joined different associations besides the SPIL,for example NJORD,  the rowing association where I was very active last year. This year as a board member I’ll mostly be focusing on the SPIL. As treasurer I’ll be responsible for the financial state of the association and everything around this matter. It is my task to make sure that the contribution fee money this year is spent like it should. Next to being the treasurer I will also be responsible for the whole promotion of the SPIL together with my committee. I am very excited for what this year will bring and I hope to see you all soon at one of our activities!

Internal activities commissioner and ICT

Annabel van Holst, commissioner Internal Affairs & ICT
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I’m Annabel van Holst and this year i will be the commissioner of Internal affairs & ICT. I am a second year Political science; Internatonal relations & Organizations student. A year ago I moved from a tiny village in the countryside to the beautiful city of Leiden. Besides the SPIL, you can also find me at the rowing association NJORD. The SPIL has made my time in Leiden, an amazing time, and has made my study an interesting one. This is certainly what i want to achieve this year for the members of the SPIL. I am responsible for al the study-related activities, for example excursions to the International Criminal Court, our National Parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


Commissioner of foreign activities

Jan Willem Wesselink
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My name is Jan Willem Wesselink. As second-year IBO-student I will be the commissioner on Foreign Affairs this year. Originally, I am from Lochem, a little town in the eastern part of The Netherlands. But now, I’m already living for more than one year on the idyllic Flanorpad in Leiden, just beside the Faculty of Social Sciences.
The SPIL made my first year in Leiden. The ‘golden combination’ of interesting activities, which bring you closer to political practice than most of the lectures, on one hand and all the social activities with some of more than 1200 members on the other hand, have motivated to be a board-member this year.
After being part of the IAPSS-committee and EJW-committee (First Years Weekend-committee), I will lead the SPIL on three international trips this year. Together with my committee, I will make sure that all SPIL-members who join us on those journeys, have an unforgettable time and I’m looking forward to see the beautiful SPIL-yellow in new cities around the world

Education and commissioner Yearbook

Paul Maas
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Berlin, January 2016. This Short Trip was organized by the committee of Foreign Affairs of the SPIL which I joined in my first year. My SPIL adventure started with this trip to Berlin.
Where are my manners? I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Paul Maas. I am studying Political Science. Right now I am in my third year. When I was part of the committee of Foreign Affairs we organized, as mentioned, a trip to Berlin and also a trip to Washington. These trips brought me so many new experiences and friends. I also wrote for the SPIL magazine called Debat. The coolest thing was that I was able to join Ahmed Marcouch to experience his workday as a member of the committee of Debat. This was another amazing experience that the SPIL brought me. Next to my SPIL life, I have other hobby’s too. (Luckily). You can find me in the gym regularly, I like to play soccer and pretend to know how to play tennis. Thereby I love to play music on my guitar and piano. SPIL brought me a lot. I really hope I can give back these amazing experiences to all the members of the SPIL as commissioner of Education and the Yearbook.
Golden Times! 

Commissioner Debat

Anouk van Vliet commissioner Debat 
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My name is Anouk van Vliet, student International Relations and Organisations (Dutch). I am currently in my third year. This year, I will be the commissionar of our magazine called Debat. I was born in Middelburg, but I moved to The Hague when I was 17 years old. However, several months ago, I moved to Leiden. 
Apart from my activity as commissionar Debat, I am member of SKC student volleybal, I participate in the Honours programme of FSW and I tutor high school students.
Since my first acquaintance with the SPIL, I wanted to become an active member. In my first two years at university I gained experience in several committees. After these experiences I am going to make a new one as commissionar Debat. This means that I am responsible for the semi-scientific magazine of the SPIL. 
This magazine will arrive four times a year at your home. Therefore, I will, together with my committee, completely devote myself for four amazing editions of Debat. Besides, I am going to look for online possibilities for Debat. 


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