The Acquisition committee is responsible for creating and maintaining connections with organisations outside of the SPIL. The SPIL is composed of over a thousand students and maintains multiple means of promotion (the monthly newsletter, Debat, social media presence). Because of this, the SPIL is an attractive opportunity for companies and organizations from a variety of sectors. The acquisition committee tries to discover new possibilities to cooperate with these companies and organizations. In order to bring in the benefits or expertise that the groups offer, and vice versa.

The committee doesn’t work alone in this, they maintain close contact with the other committees. As the other committees might find an opportunity for the SPIL which they can then communicate to Acquisition. The committee is headed by the Acquisition commissioner.



Roos Neven



Safiya van den Berg
Bart van de Giessen
Thomas Groenink
Gijs Koeleman
Vera Safranova



Roos Neven 

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