The SPIL doesn’t just organise social and academic activities; The association has its own quarterly magazine, “Debat”. This political science magazine is released four times per year and, most importantly, it is written “for” and “by” students. The magazine is composed of a variety of articles, from opinion-pieces to columns to book reviews. It also features regular interviews with high-profile people in the academic or the political world. The magazine also keeps you up-to-date on the various committee activities through articles written by the committee members themselves.

The range of views and subjects found within the Debat magazine is as diverse the range of its writers. First year students, experienced students and international students all write pieces for the quarterly magazine. Debat offers the ideal opportunity for SPIL members to improve their writing and those that may have journalistic ambitions. By writing articles, taking interviews and editing, committee members can gain the experience required for such ambitions.


Anouk van Vliet

Committee members:


Cato Koomen
Michael Kunst
Dominic Mostert
Jinne Samsom
Nicola Otten

Algemene leden:

Jurre Renger Albrecht
Leonie Andriessen
Romy Bruijnzeel
Aline de la Croix
Laura Einarson
Yasmin de Fraiture
Jan Frensen
Floris Giltaij
Sanne van Helmondt
Lars Janssen
Sem Loggen
Akanksha Patil

Einar Skoglund
Sarah Sramota
Esmee de Winter


Anouk van Vliet

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