Crisis in the Azov Sea

On 25th November three Ukrainian naval vessels attempted to leave the Kerch Strait after failing to enter the Azov Sea. While retreating, they were attacked and seized by the Coast Guard of the Russian Federal Security Service. The capture of the ships represents a growing escalation in the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. 

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Is cat-calling in the Netherlands coming to an end?

The municipality of Rotterdam has been able to fine citizens for sexual intimidation on the streets for a while now. This policy was cheered on by Joost Eerdmans, but is now criticized for being ineffective. Is this tough approach a good way to fight sexual intimidation on the streets or does the municipality of Rotterdam need to find a new, different method?

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The great polarisation

Cases of radicalisation are becoming a recurrent phenomenon and can take a deadly turn in the form of lone-wolf attacks. Such was the recent synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh and the letter bombs sent to various Democratic personalities and politicians. These grave incidents demand a closer look at the reasoning behind such attacks and how we can best address and prevent them in the future. Donald Trump’s rhetoric, the far-right movement and the polarisation of the political landscape are just a few factors that can shed light on this issue. 

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The deafening silence

The shocking death of a Saudi journalist. What is the context of the chilling murder of Jamal Khashoggi and what are the implications of such a clear disregard of human rights by Saudi Arabia?

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Political podcasts you actually want to listen to

Do you want to be more engaged in the latest news? Political podcasts might be something for you then! There are various interesting poltitical podcasts out there. Most of them easily accesibe through Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Click the link down below to find the perfect podcast which you can then integrate in your morning routine from now on.

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Is the Brazilian democracy over and done with?

The victory of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil has caused lots of noise. Some call him the ‘Trump of the Tropics’ and he supports the idea of a military dictatorship. What will be the consequences if Bolsonaro is elected new president of Brazil? Will this put pressure on the Brazilian democracy?

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