The Hague is ruled by you, the citizen

The municipal elections are coming closer and closer. For you, as citizen of The Hague, the Munipal Debate will take place on Wednesday 7th of March to inform you as good as possible. What are the main tasks of municipal councils? Are you wondering which parties are participating in The Hague? Well, it is time for you to read more!

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Catalan independence: the story continues

A lot has happened in Spain since the last article we posted about the situation regarding Catalan independence. New questions can be asked: why is Catalonia important to Spain? And how do Catalans themselves view the separatist movement?

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Slum landlords won't stop on their own

Do you live in a student dorm or apartment? If so, do you feel like your landlord is charging you an excessive amount of money for your place and you are not sure on what to do? Then you might want to give this a read.  

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Let’s start the big European campaign!

The European Union is going to appoint new chairmen in 2018 and 2019. What is the importance for a small country such as the Netherlands? And how are candidates seeking support for those big positions in Brussels? Let's have a look at former appointments and the rumours about Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte!

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'I believe giving equal opportunities is crucial'

Are you a non-Dutch speaking student and eager to learn more about Dutch politics? Or are you a Dutch speaking student who has discovered you can never learn enough? Take this chance and learn more about Dutch politics from the former party chairman of the Party of Labour (PvdA), Hans Spekman!

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A guideline to Dutch politics

As an international student you might have heard about Geert Wilders and Mark Rutte, but you might have figured that Dutch politics is much more complicated than that. This article will give you a short guideline to Dutch politics.

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