Figure of the month: Theresa May

British Prime Minister Theresa May plays a major role on the world stage. With the Brexitnegotiations  that are constantly prominent,, May always stands in the spotlights. She is just not called the Iron Lady yet, but she is being characterised as an iron-strong person with a desire. She also describes herself as a feminist. Who is Theresa May exactly and what should you know about the United Kingdom's second female Prime Minister?

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2018: A year in review

The year 2018 reinforces the idea of the ever-changing and ephemeral nature of politics. What is particularly concerning about these recent years is a strong revival of the populist forces and a reconfiguration of the established liberal order of the last 70 years. From the complex interactions between various countries (the Brexit negotiations or the trade war between China and the United States) to the deepening conflict in Yemen, this year presented itself as yet another challenging year both domestically and internationally.

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Crisis in the Azov Sea

On 25th November three Ukrainian naval vessels attempted to leave the Kerch Strait after failing to enter the Azov Sea. While retreating, they were attacked and seized by the Coast Guard of the Russian Federal Security Service. The capture of the ships represents a growing escalation in the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. 

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The great polarisation

Cases of radicalisation are becoming a recurrent phenomenon and can take a deadly turn in the form of lone-wolf attacks. Such was the recent synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh and the letter bombs sent to various Democratic personalities and politicians. These grave incidents demand a closer look at the reasoning behind such attacks and how we can best address and prevent them in the future. Donald Trump’s rhetoric, the far-right movement and the polarisation of the political landscape are just a few factors that can shed light on this issue. 

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The deafening silence

The shocking death of a Saudi journalist. What is the context of the chilling murder of Jamal Khashoggi and what are the implications of such a clear disregard of human rights by Saudi Arabia?

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Is the Brazilian democracy over and done with?

The victory of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil has caused lots of noise. Some call him the ‘Trump of the Tropics’ and he supports the idea of a military dictatorship. What will be the consequences if Bolsonaro is elected new president of Brazil? Will this put pressure on the Brazilian democracy?

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Nicaragua's crisis caused by Albanisa

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, anounced a controversial decision to cut down on welfare, back in April this year. Protests against the decision were violently suppressed by the government. Despite the chaos it caused, the government cuts had to be made and this is why.

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Internationalization issues

The internationalization of courses at Dutch universities has increased over the past years. Whilst the motives and benefits are clear, lately a debate has arisen within the Dutch government about this particular subject.

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