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The education committee, chaired by the commissioner of education, helps the students of Political Science and Political Science – International Relations and Organisations in making sure that they receive satisfactory education throughout the duration of their course. One of the ways it does this is by ensuring that the student book sale is carried out competently and without issue. Due to the fact that this book sale happens online, it can be managed solely by the commissioner. Whereas the whole committee will mostly focus on the evaluation of the bachelor courses. The findings will then be forwarded to the department of Political Science.

This committee is important because it is responsible for ensuring that students fulfil their full potential. The committee also organizes activities which can improve students’ professional skills. For example, workshops on strategic studying, time management, and debate skills. And crucially, the committee helps students in planning out what the job possibilities as a Political scientist are. In a practical sense, this takes the form of events such as intern evenings and networking sessions with alumni.


Paul Maas

Committee members:

Charlotte Arnoldy
Sieska de Beer
Charlotte Gockel
Jedidja van Keulen
Hanne Poorthuis
Sadija Safdari
Simone Scholte 


Paul Maas

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