Commissie Onderwijs
The education committee, chaired by the commissioner of education, helps the students of Political Science and Political Science – International Relations and Organisations in making sure that their study period goes as it should. Firstly by making sure that the book sale happens without incident. Because the book sale happens via internet this committee will mostly focus on the evaluation of the bachelor courses. The findings will then be forwarded to the institute.
The committee can thus help improve the quality of the study. The committee also organizes activities which can improve the professional capabilities of students, for example workshops in strategic studying, time management and debate skills. Finally the committee helps the students in working out what the job possibilities as a Political scientist are. To fulfil this goals activities are organized, like intern evenings and a networking sessions with alumni.
Niels Park
Kirsten Allijn
Maud Duit
Anouk Goes
Ariane Litjens
Koen Oosthoek
Bart Scholte
Niels Park
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