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As a member of the committee for foreign activities you’ll help organize the foreign excursions that the SPIL organizes for her members. These are the (Bi-annual) excursions to Brussel, the short trip in January and the long trip in July. Going on a SPIL trip gives students of Political Science and Political Science – International Relations and Organizations an unique opportunity to interact with politics in another country. The last few years the SPIL has visited Berlin, Washington D.C., Seoul, Prague and this year we're heading off to Madrid! 

On this trip you will be shown the more practical side of your study by visiting parliaments, ministries, political parties, NAVO bases and embassies. Cultural activities are also always a part of these trips. There will of course always be enough free time for participants to discover the local area and nightlife. All this is organized by the foreign activities committee which is chaired by the foreign activities commissioner. As a member of this committee you’ll help to think about destinations, organize in groups (cultural, academic, journalistic) the activities in the country and you’ll be responsible for the logistics of the journey. Do you enjoy traveling, do you want to be involved with your study in a more practical manner and are you not afraid of challenges? Then apply for the committee of foreign activities!

Jan Willem Wesselink


Viola Braams
Dennis de Groot
Michelle Klijn
Cas Laureijsen
Kimia Midavoodi
Marjolein Nieuwenhuijsen
Iwan Slabber
Pien Wissink

Jan Willem Wesselink
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