The SPIL organises numerous activities and parties, and it is the responsibility of the promotion committee to make sure that these are receive high turnout rates. In this committee you'll be working closely with other related committees and you'll be involved in organising these activities. But the committee also covers the planning of guest lectures, excursions, and also study-book sales and study trips. These activities are promoted in a wide variety of ways.  As a member of this committee you can use harness your creativity in the design and arrangement of event-posters, photography of said events and maintain the committees social media presence so that everyone knows about SPIL events.


Laila Bennami

Committee members:

Juliƫtte Brouwers
Josephine Collard
Bhagasjati Kusuma
Imme van der Leij
Dan Son
Caitlin Weidinger


Laila Bennami

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