Internal affairs

The internal affairs committee of the SPIL organizes all the study related activities in the Netherlands. National and international politics, as studied in Political Science and Political Science – International Relations and Organizations has a practical side which is very interesting to view op close. To acquaint students with this more practical side of politics the SPIL organizes a number of excursions, lectures, debates and congresses. The SPIL has visited the ministry of Home Affairs, the Dutch House of Commons (Tweede Kamer) and the House of Lords (Eerste Kamer), there have been lectures from for example Frans Timmersmans, our Prime-Minister Mark Rutte and Gert Jan Segers.
The organization of these activities are the responsibility of the internal activities committee, which is chaired by the internal activities commissioner. As a member of the internal activities committee you’ll help to think about exciting activities and you’ll get the opportunity to contact speakers or representatives of (international) organizations with the question if they’d like to speak or receive a group of students. Does organizing activities and expanding your professional network sound like fun to you? Then consider applying to join the committee of internal activities!
Annabel van Holst

Committee members:

Rink van den Brink
Maarten van Giessen
Claire Korteweg
Willemijn Krans

Ariane Litjens
Yannick Loskamp
Joris de Meer
Maaike van Sonder


Annabel van Holst
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