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Day 2: Journalists and Casa Rosada
by Rick van den Brink

On Saturday, we invited Lucia Wei Li to our hostel at the Avenida de Mayo, and for about an hour and a half we talked about Argentine politics in every sense of the word. Some of us criticized the Argentine parliamentary system for its inefficiencies, whereas others questioned the manner in which certain senators view the abortion law as a zero-sum game. When in December of 2017 the Government of President Mauricio Macri approved of new economic reforms, which reportedly disproportionately affect the Argentine working class, a number of strikes were organized. As we were told December is a month in which people believe they are entitled to treat themselves, and not to cut corners, allegedly the situation had not been as tense as was as of that moment.

In the afternoon we visited the Casa Rosada, to which el Presidente de la Nación Argentina commutes everyday by helicopter to govern the Argentines. We got to get a really brief glance at his office, in which a picture of his wife, and children are proudly placed in sight of everyone stopping by. First, we took a look at the room in which then First Lady of the Argentine Republic and national myth Evita Perón had her personal office, she was the first and only first lady to do so. Next to the many Argentine flags placed through the building, we also got to wave to the huge crowds of SPIL supporters in front of the governmental palace, they happily waved back.

Day 3: Bicycles and Milonga
by Melis Kirtili
Since it is a tradition to cycle in the Netherlands, our third day in Buenos Aires started with a bike tour. The most fascinating destination of this journey was La Boca, the neighborhood in which the tango was born and where Caminito is located. The unique street art in the area with Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla and the delicious empanadas we had for the lunch made it even more beautiful. 

The next destination was a tango class. Probably, I had the most fun out of it while trying to show the tango embrace and watching my friends struggling with the basic tango moves yet trying really hard. All of them was able to learn and dance at the end, I am really proud and looking forward to going to milongas together. We talked about the milonga culture in Buenos Aires; cabaceo and the invitation to dance. A group of us, who are still feeling energetic after the activities, decided to go to the San Telmo market. Although finding a proper mate cup was not possible, we were lucky to come across a Plaza where people dance the tango on the street.

Like a true Argentinian would do, we took our time to get ready, go out and have dinner. It was around 12 pm when we were leaving the restaurant for a tango club: La Viruta. Surprisingly, it was almost empty and most of the milongueros arrived hours later, as a known fact, it is always better to show up late in Argentina. Meeting not only with local dancers but also people all around the world, living like them for a day, listening to tango and tasting lekker food were the highlights of the day.



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