Blog 4

Day 7 Info is bae
by Annabel van Holst
Thursday was reserved for a visit to the largest, most influential online platform that covers South American news: Infobae (pronounced infobai, not infobae). A smart young guy from the company showed us around the office and the set where Krisitna Kirscher did her only live tv-interview ever. Infobae is an Argentinian news website and is primarily viewed in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and the United States. It also has a large audience in Venezuela, but because of the use of the term 'dictator', referring to president Maduro) Infobae is frequently banned. The employee told us about the freedom of press, which he considers 100%. However, the government tends to differentiate between funding certain media outlets. Later that day some went to the MALBA museum, or to Cemetarío de Recoleta.  
Day 8 UBA, BBQ and a night out in BA

On the 8th day we visited the Facultad de ciencessociales at the Universidad de Buenos Aires Ciudad on a rainy afternoon. the slightly neglected and desolate University building houses 2000 students and 400 professors. What was most surprising about visiting the faculty, was the fact that there was a large number of banners covered with political slogans throughout the University, something we could not imagine happening at Wijnhaven or PDLC. 

The university is part of the public education system which means it is free for everyone. Because of this, the University is attended by students from all over the country. Even though the University is free, the majority of Argentinians choose to study at a private university.
After a short introduction, we listened to some presentations from professors about i.e. Violence in Latin America, Women's rights and equal pay. We also spoke with some of the students and found out that political debating is a large part of their curriculum, even competitive debating with their professors. 

After the appointment, most of us signed up for the BBQ (sort of) at the hostel and bought tickets for the nightclub. While some went to bed early, some danced until the morning and some tracked down a cab driver, hoping he would return Rick's phone (which luckily he did!). 


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