Blog 5


Day 9 Casa Rosada Museum 

After a night filled with reggaeton, Argentinian flirting skills and expensive taxi's, we could not sleep for long. We had to get our hungover asses to the next adventure, which was the Casa Rosada Museum. Where most of us immediately collapsed on the nearest museum benches, some explored the museum's collection.


The Casa Rosada Museum, behind the palace itself, was built on the spot occupied by the original colonial fort of Buenos Aires. It displays the history of Argentina, from colonial times to present day, and houses the remains of the original walls of the former customs house, as well as an exposition by the Mexican Artist David Alfaro Siqueiros. 

In the afternoon we visited the stadium of Boca Juniors, the football club where Diego Maradonna grew up. 

Day 10, 11, & journey back to Amsterdam

Weekend! This was it, regarding the appointments, but the city was yet to be explored further. Many people visited the village of Tigre in the north, the city La Plata in the south, or stayed within the borders of BA. 
On the last night in BA, we went to a fancy restaurant in Puerto Madéro, to have a last supper with the entire group. Many beautiful words were spoken by Jan Willem an the committee and we toasted to the wonderful two weeks that had past. 

Check the rest of the photo's on our SPIL facebook page! 



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