Blog 1


Flight to Buenos Aires 
by Aline de la Croix

Day one started by our gathering at Schiphol airport around 8 o’clock in the morning after which we resumed our way towards customs. After Paul traded his seating number with roughly 5 different people to get a window seat and ended up not getting a window seat we all got inside the plane. But not after he strongly emphasized how the extra space isle seats ‘were to provide’ was an illusion. The broad selection of films and games shocked and excited the majority of our companionship. Except for Annabel who was too focused on playing peekaboo with the cutest baby you would have ever seen. The rest of us were enjoying ourselves mostly by fake reading and passing around candy. Nicola and Paul beat Kimia and me at a game of thirty seconds, even though they were obviously cheating.

After 8 hours we arrived at Toronto which marked the second half of our journey. The next 12 hours were filled with awkward sleeping positions, airplane trivia and numb limbs. The arrival in Buenos Aires thus came as a welcome way to stretch our already stiff legs. Whilst decending towards the mainland of Buenos Aires, the cabin crew surprised us with a hint of musquito repellant in the air which was much appreciated.

Our guide was waiting for us and whilst he was loading our luggage into the vehicle we were low key wondering whether he actually had a drivers license. After we arrived at the hostel and waited let's say an ‘undetermined amount of time' we were able to acces our rooms. We ended this first day with a bang as the gap next to the top bunk beds allowed a numerous amount of phones to drop on the floor. Filled with excitement we await what the rest of this trip will bring us!

Day 1: Embajada de los Pays Bajos & Congresso
by Sanne Lief

Today was the first day with official visits. After a good night of sleep, wich felt like I slept in untill 3 in the afternoon but it actually was 7am local time. It was a beautiful day, it turned out to be quit warm instead of the winter I dressed for. Our first appointment was at the Dutch embassy. While walking to the embassy we encountered a parade of coastguards, la prefectura. They were there to celebrate the 108th birthday of the prefectura.

The deputy head of mission answered all our questions about the Dutch relations with Argentina. Cooperation between the Netherlands and Argentina is mostly based on export of knowledge about water management, agriculture and social dialogue. After waiting for the brige way too long we continued our trip to the Congress. This beautiful building is the basis of the senate and the house of representatives. In that way the Argentinan political system looks similar to the US system.
During the second night at the hostel we enjoyed a very nice bbq with lots of meat and spicy sauses. The first dance moves were made, at the hostel aswell as in the Milonga(tangoschool).



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