Already 37 - Celebrating an anniversary with Kajsa Ollogren

For the 37th birthday of the SPIL, the domestic affairs committee organised a very special lecture. The minister of domestic affairs of the Netherland herself, Kajsa Ollogren, took an hour of her time to talk to the students of the Leiden University.
Delivering a very powerful speech, she described the world as it is now in our age of globalization and important political Netflix shows.
After elaborating on the struggles of today as she sees them, the minister urged the students to fight for their values of freedom and prosperity.
She pointed out that even if those values feel very normal in the Netherlands it was now more than ever important to stand up and fight for what the students believe in.
After her speech she took the time to answer some interesting questions from the audience about getting rid of the time change in the Netherlands, the advisory referendum on the new security law, the future of her party, the first female prime minister and many more.
For the more informal part of the evening the SPIL switched locations to De Storm after this engaging lecture to celebrate and end the day with good music, good company and of course the first drink free.
Happy Birthday, SPIL!
By Helena Daeberitz


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