President and commissioner Acquisition

Roos Neven
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My name is Roos Neven. I am a third year student Political Science: IBO and I am also a second year history student. Furthermore, I am a member of the student association L.V.V.S. Augustinus. I have lived in Leiden my whole life, but the experience of the city as a student is immensely different. Next year, I will take place in the board as President and Commissioner Acquisitions. From the moment I started my studies, I became an active member of the SPIL. I took place in the Committee Facilities, or “Facilititties” as we called ourselves, since the committee (except our male commissioner) solely consisted of females. From this moment on, I went to every “Borrel”, every party and I attended many other activities. From the start, the SPIL was a great association for me. In addition to my student association, it was lovely to be with the SPIL whenever I wanted. I love the fact that you can decide just how active you want to be: there is an activity every week and you can always come to the SPIL room, but it is also fine if you only want to come to a few parties or do some committee work. Truly, everyone is welcome and can give their own interpretation to their membership. Obviously, I hope to see you, being Serial SPIL’ers often!

In my role as President, I lead the board and I keep track of what everyone is doing, the policy and the goals. Besides that, I represent the board externally in the Association Consultations (VerO’s) of the FSW and the FGGA, in the Study Association Consultation Platform (StOP) en nationally within the Platform for Political Scientists (PvP), in which I will take on the role of PiP Congress Coordinator As Commissioner Acquisitions I make sure, together with my committee, that the SPIL budget becomes just a bit nicer, by seeking collaboration with different companies in Leiden and The Hague. Furthermore, the committee will also launch some beautiful merchandise pieces.

This year I want to make sure together with the rest of my board that everyone feels just as much at home with the SPIL as I do. That’s why I hope to see you soon at an activity or in the SPIL room for a cup of coffee!

Secretary and commissioner Promotion


 Leonie Andriessen

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My name is Leonie Andriessen and I am a third year student of IBO. I was born in The Hague, grew up in Voorburg and moved out to Leiden during my first year of studying.
Eventhough I did not join a committee during my first year at SPIL, my friends who took me to drinks, activities and trips made sure I did become an active member of SPIL. In my second year I was part of the internet editors of the DEBAT committee and became the Secretary of our SPIL weekend committee. With the second mentioned committee, I organised a lovely trip to Groningen. Being part of these two committees only increased my enthousiasm for the SPIL.
Besides SPIL and my studies, I like to run around a tennis court at Qravel and love to make music, for example with a fellow SPIL member with whom I have organised several mini concerts at our friends houses.
As a secretary I am responsible for maintaining our contact with external partners, our member account, the newsletter, the General Assembly’s, the minutes, and organising our constitution drinks. Furthermore, as the commissioner of Promotion I will make sure, together with my committee, that all members of SPIL are up to date, and can look back on our activities.

Treasurer and Commissioner IAPSS

Rex van der Kruit
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My name is Rex van der Kruit, I am a third-year IBO student and next year I will hold the position of Treasurer & Commissioner IAPSS. Originally I am from Delft, but when I started my time as a student I soon became very fond of Leiden and The Hague. In addition to the SPIL and my study, I really enjoy rowing at the rowing association of Leiden. In my spare time I enjoy golfing and cycling. Furthermore, I enjoy traveling immensely where I meet new people and can discuss with them. No wonder I am so much looking forward to the IAPSS trip I am organizing with the IAPSS Committee.

The SPIL has made my time in Leiden and that is why I am so motivated to be able to be a board member of the SPIL. During the past two years I have been a Foreign affairs committee member and an Acquisitions committee member. Also I had the offer to organize the Freshmen Weekend with the EJW-committee.

I hope to see you all soon on activities, trips, drinks (!!) and everything what the SPIL can offer!

Commissioner of Domestic Affairs & Yearbook

Nicola Otten
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My name is Nicola Otten. I am a second year's student International Relations and Organisations and this year I will hold the honourable position of Commissioner of Domestic Affairs and Commissioner of the Yearbook at the SPIL. Even though I study in The Hague, I left the Far East (Zwolle) a year ago to find a room in the best student city of the Netherlands: Leiden. Within the four, safe walls of my room I enjoy playing the piano and singing. Moreover, I like to work out a few times a week at the USC of Leiden.
When I arrived in Boxtel as a participant of the Freshmen Weekend 2017, I immediately felt at home. The Freshmen Weekend introduced me to my current friends and  furthermore the committees of the SPIL. I became a member of the DEBAT Committee and its editorial board, which was a valuable and fun experience. Through this committee I had the chance to spend the day with a Member of the European Parliament, which was the most cherished memory of my time in the DEBAT Committee. Later that year I became the Secretary of the Freshmen Committee, which was when the SPIL-yellow blood really started flowing through my veins. That was the moment I decided to apply for a position within the 38th board of the SPIL.
This year I will be leading the Committee of Domestic Affairs and the Yearbook Committee, which I am looking forward to. With the Committee of Domestic Affairs I will try to organise the most interesting activities possible for the members of the SPIL. My goal is to bring their study alive, outside of their study books. Just like many other associations in Leiden, it is tradition for the SPIL to bring out a yearbook once per year. Together with the Yearbook Committee I will carry on this tradition.
Because the SPIL has brought me so much, I hope to generate the enthusiasm in other (new) SPIL-members, and moreover succeed in colouring their year SPIL-yellow.


Commissioner of Foreign Affairs & ICT

Marjolein Nieuwenhuijsen
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Dear SPIL’er! My name is Marjolein Nieuwenhuijsen. I am a second-year IRO-student, a third-year SPILler and I have the honour of being the commissioner of Foreign Affairs and ICT. I live in a small town right between Leiden and The Hague and I spend quite some time in the SPIL-common rooms in either one of these cities.

In my first year as a student I was part of the committee of Domestic Affairs and in my second year I had the opportunity of organizing two amazing Trips to Madrid and Buenos Aires together with my fellow committee members, also I was part of the Freshmen Weekend Committee. Apart from my SPIL-activities, I like sailing, travelling and a lot of gezelligheid!

This year, as the commissioner of Foreign Affairs and ICT, I would like to organize two amazing trips for you with my committee and I take care of the maintenance of the website. I hope to bring SPIL to new places where we will learn more about the political situations and organize two unforgettable trips.

I hope to see you on one of our many activities or see you in the SPIL-common room for a cup of coffee and a cookie, but mostly I hope you will make a lot of amazing memories.

Commissioner of Education and Facilities

Aline de la Croix
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My name is Aline de la Croix and I am a second year IRO student. Being born and raised in Amsterdam, I got the chance to swap Dam Square for Plein and walk the Turfmarkt promenade instead of the ‘Leidse straat.’ As a Firstyear I was lucky enough to be seated within not one, but two SPIL Committees: the DEBAT and Firstyear Weekend Committee slowly coloured my heart bright yellow. Now that I have the chance to intensify my activity within this Association and thereby fill my calendar with SPIL affairs, I am looking forward to what this year will offer us all.

As the Commissioner of Education, my Committee and me will be concerning ourselves with the preservation of the good quality of the education, offered at our University. Furthermore, we will focus on offering courses and workshops to help our fellow students develop themselves on the professional level and organising activities to enhance understanding of our job perspective as political science students. All the better that the Committee of Facilities and me as their Commissioner can also provide the informal environment which brings relaxation. Our task will be to make our members feel at home and to provide them with a place in which they can cool down after all the stress and hard work that characterises our daily student lives. I truly cannot wait until given the green lights, like realizing the SPIL is for you: slowly and then all at once.

Commissioner Debat

Rick van den Brink
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Hello fellow SPIL-members! My name is Rick van den Brink and I am a third-year student of the International Politics specialization and a second-year student of Russian Studies. About 20,5 years ago, in the oldest city of the Netherlands, I was born on a cold February morning. As of today, I have been living in the idyllic town of Oegstgeest.

As the prime example of a political science student you can literally wake me up for any political discussion, like my roommates on my first SPIL trip found out in Buenos Aires. Next to everything political, I can take a break with a pile of books – which my bookcase proves, but you could also find me hanging on a couch for a night Netflix or see me dream away when listening to my Spotify playlists.

Last year, I have been a member of the Domestic Affairs Committee, and together with my fellow committee members had a lot of fun organising the Night on Russia and the The Hague Municipal Debate. This year I will take on my role as DEBAT Commissioner and vice president of our wonderful association. I want you, as Serial SPIL’ers, to have the opportunity in the coming year to make new friends, gain new insights and I want to ensure that in the future you will look back on your time as student with SPIL having a prominent place in your memory.



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