Every year the SPIL releases a yearbook, the 'Almanak', which provides an overview of the events and achievements of the past year. The almanak is the summation of the work that the board and the committees and the members have carried out in that year. The members of the Almanak Committee, headed by the commissioner of Internal Relations, compile material throughout hte whole year to present in the almanak. This involves creating a fitting theme, developing and appropriate lay out and gathering texts and interviews for it. These texts are not only written by SPIL members but also by board members of other Student Associations and renowed acamedic and political individuals. 


Niels Bosman

Committee members:
President: Anna Easton
Secretary: Mira Kurtovic 
Treasurer: Paloma Crotti
Vice-Chair: Eirni Vougiouka 
General Member: Sura Yacoub, Margot Ammerlaan


Contact information:
Niels Bosman
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