Festive Activities

This committee organises all the parties and borrels of SPIL. There is a monthly SPIL borrel in Leiden and a bimontly borrel in The Hague, where our members can drink a beer and catch up with each other, which this committee organises. Moreover, this committee organises all the (themed) parties that the SPIL has to offer! To top it all off, the committee organises the annual SPIL Gala, which takes place at a beautiful location, everyone gets dressed up nicely and where there is an unlimited amount of alcohol

Frits Weyne

Committee members:
President: Sasha van Hoorn
Secretary: Elise van Onselen
Treasurer: Jurgen van der Zwet
General Member: Sterre Dieteren, Malouke van Nunen, Jette Boonstra, Madelijn Bressers

Contact information:
Frits Weyne
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Opening hours

Openings hours
Leiden and The Hague
Monday 10:00-17:00
Tuesday* 10:00-17:00
Wednesday 10:00-17:00
Thursday 13:00-17:00
Friday 10:00-17:00
Weekend Closed
 * Op donderdag heeft het bestuur tot 13:00 vergadering
On Thursday the room is closed due weekly boardmeetings until 13:00