XXXIXth Board


Dear caterSPILer, welcome! My name is Noor Saris, I am 21 years old and I live in The Hague. I am a second year IRO student and enjoying it a lot! I was born in Leuven, Belgium, and partly grew up in Mol (BE) and Eindhoven (NL), while attending the European School of Mol. On an open day for the IRO course, the SPIL caught my attention. The association offered an array of activities, formal and informal and trips that fit with what I was looking for. Ever since signing up for the SPIL I have experienced a welcoming atmosphere, which I strive to maintain, together with my fellow board members. Last year I partook in the Foreign Affairs committee (currently split up in: Brussels, Short Trip and Long Trip), with whom we organized trips to Brussels, London, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This committee grew from strangers to a group of friends who can make my day. Due to my involvement with the SPIL through this committee, my attachment to the association grew.

This year I will be the President of the SPIL and will oversee the PiP committee for the association. As President my main task will be to make sure that the board is running smoothly, that the deadlines are met and that we live up to the policy. Besides that, I will also represent the SPIL externally, via the PvP (platform for political scientists), the VerO (Association Meeting), GroVer (Big Association Meeting) and StOP (Study Association Consultation Platform). These are associations that make sure that collaboration is optimized. 

This year I, together with the 39th board, will strive for a well-balanced, healthy, happy and hardworking board and look forward to meeting a lot of caterSPILers. 



My name is Lisa Pieters and I am a second year International Politics student. Last year, I was part of the Foreign Affairs committee and we organised three great trips to Brussels, London and Israel. The committee was so much fun and I made a lot of friends on the trip. Besides the SPIL, I play hockey at Thor. This year I will be the secretary in the XXXIXth board of the SPIL, named ‘CaterSPILlar’. I am very excited to start this year and to create a great year for every SPIL’er. I hope you are too!


My name is Pien Wissink, I’m 20 years old and I live in Leiden. Two years ago, my adventure in Leiden started. I moved from a small town in the east of the Netherlands to Leiden. When I first got to Leiden on the Open Day of the university, I already liked the city and study. During the EL CID I signed in at Njord, the rowing association in Leiden. I fanatically rowed in my first year and in my second I was mainly coaching. Every Tuesday I’m having dinner with my team and then we go to the borrel at Njord. I got to know the SPIL during the ‘Krokusklas’. It is three days in February where you get a sneakpeak of what it is like to be a student. I stayed at the house of treasurer of the SPIL and who knew that I would be the treasurer of the best association of Leiden 2,5 years later. 

In my first year, I was in the Foreign Affairs Committee and we organised beautiful trips to Brussel, Madrid and Buenos Aires. Last year I got to be the Chair of the Freshmenweekend Committee. I met my friends at Freshmenweekend and I felt honoured that my committee and I could contribute to new friendships. As Commissioner of Introduction I hope to strengthen the bond between the first-year students with activities organised by the Introduction Committee and, of course, organise an amazing Freshmenweekend. My goals as treasurer is to split the money evenly on the many activities the SPIL has to offer and hopefully the members will enjoy themselves. I am looking forward to this year, filled with amazing activities and I hope to drink lots of drinks with the members of the SPIL on the monthly borrel in Leiden and The Hague!

Commissioner Education and Politics

My name is Catrin Böcher, I am 21 years old, a third year IRO student and I am currently following a minor in Sustainable Development at Leiden University. Originally, I am from Frankfurt am Main in Germany, but decided to study and live in the Netherlands. When I came here I started learning Dutch and got to know the Dutch culture better. Now the Netherlands and the Hague feel like home to me and I really enjoy biking through the Dunes or eating vegetable krokets. Also, Stroopwaffels, especially freshly made on the market in Leiden, are really delicious! My SPIL journey started two years ago when I decided to join the long trip to Buenos Aires without knowing anyone else who joined. I had a great trip and decided that I wanted to become more involved in SPIL. In the following year I became part of the then Foreign Affairs Committee and helped organise a short-trip to London and a long one to Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. This year I am the commissioner of Education and Politics, meaning that I am overseeing the Formal Activities, the External Activities, the Education and the Master committee. 

Commissioner Global Relations

Hey! My name is Frits Weyne, I am 19 years old and living in Leiden. Born in the Hague, grown up in Zoetermeer and now a second year International Politics student in Leiden University. I play guitar, love travelling and will always seize the opportunity to have a party. Last year, I have been a member of the Facilities (or; festive-) committee and the Freshman Weekend committee. This year, as commissioner of Global Relations and Festive Activities of the XXXIXth SPIL board – CaterSPILlar, I will have the responsibility over our foreign trips, borrels (social drinks) and parties; for me, it doesn’t get any better than this! This year we will hopefully be organising beautiful and interesting trips around the world with the Brussels committee, Short Trip committee, Long Trip committee and Congress committee, and experience unforgettable nights with the Festive Activities committee.

Commissioner Internal Relations

My name is Niels Bosman, and I am now in my second year of International Relations and Organisations. Originally from the famous and picturesque village of Bennebroek, I left the area of Haarlem to live in the same city as where I study, The Hague. Besides being a second year student, I am now also a second year SPIL member, where I can proudly call myself Commissioner Internal Relations after one year in the committee DEBAT. With great pleasure and dedication, I will oversee the committees DEBAT, Almanak and Dies. Using my experience as a writer for the greatest and best-looking magazine within the university, I will strive to once again deliver four fresh issues filled with interesting articles and a yearbook that will make people look back at the year with delight. In addition, I am always in for a birthday party (as long as there are enough snacks to eat) and so I will devote my heart and soul to celebrate the Dies of this amazing association. Whereas I used to be quiet, many people now seem to consider me a man of many words, a trait that combined with a strong opinion and an even larger interest in international relations and politics makes I have given my unconditional love to all of these committees. Besides all the hours of work I’ll also be putting into the association this year – probably considerably more than last year – I very much enjoy spending my free time reading or writing something myself. To stay fit during my board year, I will hopefully find the time to keep fencing at my own club in Heemstede and Alkmaar. Besides that, music has been the thing that kept me going for years now – I play bass guitar myself and I listen to people that genuinely can make music day and night. I have an extensive knowledge of and taste in music, but I know far fewer people that appreciate my music than I have hours of music saved on Spotify. Hopefully I will see a lot of our members in our common rooms to show them my music isn’t as bad as many think!

Commissioner External Relations

 My name is Gaia Gamaggio and I am a second year IRO student. Originally I am half German and half Dutch however I spent the four years before university living in the US. This past year I was in the promotion committee and the SPIL weekend committee giving me the opportunity to be active in the association besides going to the borrels, lectures or parties. Besides going to many activities I also enjoy photography and traveling. I was not sure what SPIL had in store for me but when I saw all the opportunities it provided me I was more enthusiastic about it everyday. It has also allowed be to bring together my international background by being a bilingual study association. 

This year I will be serving as the Commissioner External Relations which includes ICT, Acquisitions and the Promotion. My goal is to create some exciting new merchandise items, keep the website up to date and make sure all the members are up to date with when activities take place.

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