XLth Board


Dear SPILer,

Marhaba, Welcome, Bienvenue, Welkom, Wilkommen, Youkoso

My name is Maryem, an Algerian/Moroccan Dutchie, in her third year of IRO, who spent most of her teenage years fangirling over One Direction, who is dying to visit the Middle-East! 

I write to you from a city in the south of this country, the beautiful Tilburg. Two years ago I fell in love with the yellow study association in Leiden, even though I did not get into the committee I then desperately wanted, I couldn’t stop thinking about the SPIL, I loved the idea of creating a community with people that share the same interest. So, at the end of my first year I started chairing the wonderful Brussels Excursion Committee — whose memory holds a special place in a heart. 

Over the summer I worked at a nursing home in my hometown, and I got to see the effect Covid-19 had on these wonderful people. These are a bit scary and insecure times we live in. We have to take it as it is. More than ever before: we have to stick together, look out for each other and make it count. 

This year I will be the president of the SPIL and as the president, my main concern is that all of you feel welcome, accepted and heard within our association. I cannot wait to see so many of you this year, I cannot wait to work with so many of you to make this a wonderful year.


Hi SPILers! My name is Anna Easton and I am (almost) 21 years old. Unlike my last name suggests, I am very Dutch and come from the suburbs of Amsterdam. I moved to lovely The Hague when I started studying IRO after spending the year before that traveling through Africa. This year, I will attempt to follow some elective courses and a minor, but of course my one true love will be the SPIL. I had been a member of the Yearbook committee for two years before I became part of the 40th board and loved documenting all the wonderful SPIL memories that everyone had made that year. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to creating even more memories with all of our amazing members, especially with the Introduction Committee that I will be overseeing. 

Whenever I am not typing away behind my computer, you will probably find me drinking beer on a terrace or dancing around the kitchen with my roommates. Furthermore, I enjoy reading a good book and watching trashy TV-shows.

I am beyond excited to fulfill the most beautiful position of all within the board, namely that of the secretary. Whenever you have a question or just want to have a chat, don’t hesitate to send me an email. Let’s make the 40th year of the SPIL the best one yet!


Hey! My name is Jurgen van der Zwet, 21 years old and I’m in the 4th year of the Political Science programme. Next to this programme, I’ve also started the Bachelor Security Studies in The Hague this year. I grew up in Lisse, a beautiful village in the Bollenstreek, but nowadays I live in Leiden. Besides my study I play football on Sunday in a team with friends. Every year, we believe that we will win the title, but we actually only succeed in the 3th halve (drinking beer after the match). That’s why I’m very delighted that next to being the treasurer, I will be the Commissioner Festivities of the XLth SPIL board. Last year, I was the treasurer of this committee and I really liked organizing the borrels (social drinks), parties and the gala. With great pleasure I look forward to leading this committee the upcoming year and I cherish the positive expectation that, despite the circumstances, we will experience a year full of amazing activities!

Commissioner Education and Politics

My name is Petra Järvimaa, I am a third-year Political Science student IRO as my specialisation. Currently, I am following a minor at the University of Amsterdam and finishing my last bachelor courses at Leiden University. I am originally from Finland but have been living in The Hague for the past couple of years. This year I am the Commissioner of Education and Politics at SPIL. Therefore, I will be overseeing four committees: Education Committee, Excursions Committee, Masters Committee and Stair Affairs. Besides that, I am also taking care of the Book Sale. On my free time, I very much enjoy running and all different kind of sports. I also love nature and I prefer to spend my day-offs and spare time outdoors.

Commissioner Global Relations

Hi! My name is Bas van der Tas and I am 21 years old. I was born in Sassenheim, a small city close to Leiden, and have lived there for over 20 years. Last year, I moved to the most beautiful city of the Netherlands: Leiden. I have already finished the bachelor International Relations and Organisations and am very excited to fulfil a position in the XLth Board of the SPIL. Last year, I was the chair of the Short Trip committee, and as a committee we created an amazing trip to Budapest. I love travelling, and having the position of Commissioner Global Relations really suits me. This is because together with the committees, I will be responsible for the trips the SPIL organises. These trips include a weekend to Brussels, a trip within Europe, a trip outside of Europe and a trip to a congress. I have been on three trips already, and these have been amazing experiences! Hopefully this year we again can organise unforgettable trips, and I hope to see many of you on them!

Commissioner Internal Relations

Hello! My name is Renée, I study IRO in beautiful The Hague but I come from even more beautiful Velp. 

A little over a year ago, I decided to join a two-week SPIL trip without knowing anyone there, and now I am in the XL board of the SPIL. That is exactly what is so amazing about SPIL: it is a place for everyone to feel welcome, included and happy. 

After the trip, I joined the Excursions Committee where I had a great time. Meeting inspiring people, writing about interesting topics or visiting interesting places, these moments can really change one’s life and vision for their future. If a visit to an organisation can help even one person find their passion for a future dream career, or a trip can help even one person make a friend for life, it is worth it! As a commissioner of Internal Relations, I hope to help create many opportunities for students to experience these moments. Because SPIL certainly did this for me!

Next to SPIL, I enjoy playing the guitar, making music, reading, writing, plant-parenting, parties, politics, attempting to become a morning person, and occasionally, dare I say sporadically, exercising. I love many more things, and I would love to know what you are interested in as well! So come join a SPIL activity and let’s hang out! I am really looking forward to this year, and I cannot wait to meet every SPILer and make amazing memories! 

Commissioner External Relations

Dear SPIL’er, 

My name is Jette Boonstra. I’m a third years IRO student who has a great love for delicious food and red wine. Therefore, my favorite holiday destination is Italy! There is nothing that makes me happier than being with my friends and family and just laughing the night away. 

This year I hope to capture all these incredible nights. As the Commissioner External Relations it is my responsibility to make photo’s at all of our events, keep the social media and the website up to date and making sure all the members are in the loop on all of our upcoming events. On top of that it will also be my task to find sponsors and partners for the SPIL. 

I am looking forward to this years and all the memories that it will bring. Hopefully see you soon and maybe then  we can drink a glass of red wine together!

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