Confidential Contact Persons

To ensure a safe environment within SPIL, there are people you can go to for help or questions. See their details below!

If you have experienced any form of unwanted behavior at SPIL, the Confidential Contact Person (CCP) is here for you to give a listening ear and help you find a way to process things. There are two CCPs. They work independently from the association and from each other. You may contact them for anything. Everything you tell them is strictly confidential. To get in contact, send them an email to set up a phone call or meeting in person.

CCP Rick van den Brink

Hi there!

My name is Rick van den Brink and I am one of the CCPs within SPIL.

My role is to make sure that everyone within our association has a place to go with questions or complaints. If there are any issues or concerns you have or something has happened and you feel like you need to talk to someone about it, you can get in touch with either me or Nicola – whomever you feel would meet your needs best.

Since I am not an active member of SPIL, I have no connections or interests to protect and function as an independent and objective person. Anything that might be discussed will not be shared with any third party unless you give explicit permission. I am here to listen and help you find a solution or next step. If needed I can give advice in conflicts that arise within SPIL.

If there’s anything you think we could help you with, do not hesitate to reach out and send an e-mail to [].

Rick van den Brink

CCP Nicola Otten

Dear SPIL members,

My name is Nicola Otten, and I am one of the CCPs at SPIL. I served on the board at SPIL in 2018-2019 and have been involved with the association for six years now. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in IRO in 2022 and then chose to make a switch to a Master’s degree in Communication Science. Currently, I live and work in Amsterdam. Although I haven’t been an active member for some time, I still want to stay connected with SPIL, and I am honored to take on this important role of CCP along with Rick.

If you feel uncomfortable or have felt uncomfortable during a SPIL activity or situation involving SPIL members, you can reach out to one of us. Even if you have doubts about your feelings, you can always contact us. I believe it is essential to keep the threshold as low as possible for reaching out to us. Every situation is relevant enough to discuss with us, no matter how brief the moment or small the feeling. Together, we will talk about your needs, starting with providing a listening ear. We are here to discuss, listen, and provide advice based on what you need in this particular situation.

Everything you share with us will be treated confidentially. You can choose who you prefer to speak with, Rick or me. You can reach me by sending an email to [].

Warm regards,

Nicola Otten

Contact Person

For any general questions or complaints you might have, you can contact the President of SPIL.

President Svea Drose


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