What does it mean to be a SPIL member?

As a member of the SPIL you’ll receive a lot of benefits:

  • You’ll be welcome to all the activities that the SPIL organises. These are both academic activities, such as readings, debates and excursions. As well as social activities, like movie-nights and parties, through which you’ll get to know your fellow students. You can also sign up for foreign excursions and trips to many exciting and educative destinations.
  • You’ll receive a copy of the quarterly magazine ‘Debat’, written by fellow students.
  • You’ll receive a discount on study-related books. Starting at the beginning of the study period you can order your books from our site. As a member you’ll get up to 16% discount on your books.
  • You are entitled to join a committee of your choice in order to develop your professional skills. 

And all these fantastic offerings and opportunities for only €17,50 per year!

Reunist Membership

 Have you finished your bachelor or master political science in Leiden or The Hague? You can get an alumni membership for only 10 euros per year! As an alumni member you’ll still receive the quarterly magazine, Debat, and you can continue to receive your subscription to the SPIL newsletter. Sign up by sending an e-mail to secretary@spilplaats.nl

University Political Science Alumni Membership

Finished your bachelor, master or Phd in at the University of Leiden and do not want to join as a Reunist, then join the Alumni membership which is completely free! You will receive newsletters, three events in the year and most of all become part of a network of professionals. Alumni Membership can be signed up for here! NOTE: You do not have to be a SPIL member to join. 

Cancelling Membership

If you would like to cancel your membership, you will need to email the secretary one month before the start of the new financial year (sept. 1st). If you attempt to cancel your membership after this time, you will still be obliged to pay your subscription for that year and but you will still have all the privileges associated with being a member for that year. If you wish to cancel your membership, please send an email to secretary@spilplaats.nl, with the subject “cancellation membership” and mention your full name and address.

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