Dress Code

During some of the SPIL activities we have a dress code. We have this because we want to convey a professional image to the people and organisations we are meeting with. This is important in order for the SPIL to keep up it’s good relations it has with its partners and to be taken serious by others. Additionally, the dress code is in place to respect varying norms in respect to what decent dressing means as good as we can. The dress code is set up to make sure that everyone is dressed well and knows what that means. We want to be consequent with our dress code, so the same rules apply for everyone, but this also means that we sometimes have to be strict in what is allowed and what is not. We have the informal, casual-business and formal dress codes. Whether and what kind of dress code applies during an activity will be communicated to participants in advance. During our trips, you can find the desired dress code for a specific day at the day program in the reader, which is  sent to participants in advance.

Should you have any questions about this dress code, feel free to send us a mail or come by the SPIL common room. We are always happy to help and give some fashion advice 😉

There are no restrictions with the dress code informal. Nevertheless, we hope  that you will not wear clothes that harm the representation of SPIL.

A business-casual dress code means that you wear trousers, neat pants or a representable skirt in neutral colours and without frays or gaps, possibly with a suit jacket. You wear this together with a dress shirt or blouse in neutral colours and neat shoes (no sneakers). SPIL merch is optional. An appropriate dress is allowed as well. (This part of the dresscode is currently undergoing a pilot until the Interim GA)

A formal dress code means that you wear a plain coloured (no stripes or checks) (womens’) suit – meaning a jacket in combination with trousers or a representable skirt- in dark tones. The jacket and trousers or skirt should match colours. You wear this together with a white or light blue shirt or blouse, together with a SPIL tie/ bowtie pin. Lastly, you should wear neat suede or leather shoes in dark tones.

SPIL tie and SPIL bow tie
The SPIL tie and bowtie pin can be bought at the SPIL common room in both Leiden and The Hague. They are sold for non-profit. The tie costs €6.00- and the bowtie pin costs €7.60- and can be paid by card.

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