PLEASE NOTE: Purchases must be picked up in the common room – currently they are not open, we will let you know once ordering becomes possible again.

The SPIL tie cannot be missed in any male spillers’ closet. The tie is worn at every formal activity the SPIL organizes. 


The SPIL tie can be ordered  here. 


The SPIL bow is the female version of the tie and is a must have accessory for every female spillers. 

The SPIL bow is worn to every formal activity the SPIL organizes.

The SPIL bow can be ordered here. 


Buy your SPIL braces to shine on every formal event or even a gala!

You can order your SPIL braces here.

As much as some people hate it, the seasons will always keep changing. Buy this SPIL shawl to keep you warm during those cold winter days.

The SPIL shawl can be ordered here

As a true Dutch student, your bike is probably your main form of transport. Give your bike a spiltastic upgrade with this SPIL Bike-set!

The SPIL bike-set can be ordered here.

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