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Every year there are 4 SPIL trips. These are the Brussels trip, Short trip, SPIL Weekend and Long trip. During the Brussels, Short and Long trip we visite multiple politically relevant organization, such as the United Nations, the European Union Delegations and NGOs. Furthermore there is more than enough time to explore the country you will be visiting! SPIL Weekend is a fully informal 3 day weekend within the Benelux. 

The Brussels trip always takes place at the beginning of the year, in October or November. This trip takes places on weekdays, so we can visit all the European institutions!

The Short trip takes place at the end of January and the beginning of February. Sometimes this trip will overlap with retakes or with the first week of lectures in block 3. 

SPIL Weekend is scheduled to happen at the beginning of Spring. These dates vary year to year. 

Long trip happens at the end of the academic year. This trip can sometimes overlap with the last few retakes of the year.

For the Brussels trip and SPIL Weekend, you should keep an eye on our social media to see when the sign ups open. For these trips, you can participate by signing up: first come, first serve!

For the Short and Long trip we ask you to hand in a cover letter. The requirements for this letter will be posted on our Instagram (@spilplaats). Your cover letter will examined by an independent jury, who will rank the letters. According to this ranking, you will be able to participate or not. 

Previous trips

Long Trip 2023 - Jordan

Long trip 2023 - Jordan

Short Trip 2023 - Lisbon

Short Trip 2023 - Lisbon




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